Course Description

ACDL 2025

The lectures will be delivered by world renowned experts in the field, from both academia and industry, and will cover both theoretical and practical aspects of AI, Machine/Deep Learning, Generative AI, and Data Science.

ECTS Points

The Course will involve a total of 36-40 hours of lectures, according to the academic system the final achievement will be equivalent to 8 ECTS points for the PhD Students (and some strongly motivated master student) attending the course; during the course the PhD students will tackle home-works/projects.

Two-steps procedure for participating in ACDL 2025

To participate in the ACDL 2025, all attendants must

(1/2) register for the course (by February 23, 2025) and

(2/2) book accommodation (by the accommodation form) at the course venue, “Riva del Sole Hotel” (by by April 23, 2025); all attendants must stay at the “Riva del Sole Hotel”. Once accommodation has been booked at Riva del Sole Hotel, the participant must send this information to the ACDL organizing committee (

PayPal will be used to pay the registration fee.